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Managing Director

Sharik has been working in digital design and web technology for over 2 years. Sharik and his business partner Sharik founded Global Pro Designs in 2015 with the goal of becoming one of the leading agencies in the ever growing digital industry.Few years later and having worked for hundreds of distinguished clients across a range of sectors,we feel proud as a team to have accomplished this aim.

Aside from GPD, Sharik has founded a number of other successful companies including Decent Cleaning,a cleaning company. Sharik has worked as a consultant to Venture Capital firms as well as an Angel Investor and mentor to startups. Sharik uses this expertise gained on wider fronts to contribute to the creative and commercial strategy we provide to our clients. In this way, Sharik has moved from directly responding to client briefs, to articulating what he believes they need, to presenting what he would do in their shoes.


Project Director

Since joining Global Pro Designs as Project Director in 2015, Alisha has driven the growth and evolution of the business. As well as leading the sales process in winning new clients, Alisha directs the majority of GPD projects and drives the creative concepts behind our work, while also ensuring that the team work effectively and efficiently to deliver outstanding projects for our clients

Prior to Global Pro Designs Alisha was International Project Manager at Isupply Seo, Alisha works closely with our design and development teams to ensure that everyone involved with the project has a clear understanding of the overall goals, and was responsible for taking a suite of 19 international course search websites to market. Part of the role was developing the UX of the sites to ensure that they delivered for users and for advertisers, experience that has proved fundamental to the success of our sites.

Alisha combines a deep understanding of digital marketing with a sharp focus on user experiences, to ensure that our work resonates with the target market. Alisha became Project Director in 2016, and now leads the development of the business to ensure that we continue to grow, evolve and improve in everything that we do.

Riley Stewart

Strategy Director

Riley joined Global Pro Designs as an Project Manager in the summer of 2015. After a successful internship, Riley was offered the position of Strategy Director, and he has been a key member of the team as the business has grown and evolved since then.

From just age 4 Riley has had an Entrepreneurial mindset, from collecting wild bees and selling them to neighbours, to buying chocolate on sale and selling it to family for a markup. Business has always been in the soul of RIley’s passion.

Riley eats and breathes all things business. In his third year studying an Engineering and Business double bachelors degree, he decided to quit University and his engineering job, to start a business immediately.

Having previously built and operated a successful eCommerce store, He now concentrates most his time managing his growing digital agency. Primary focuses are on expanding clients businesses and Inner business development. Completely dedicated to achieving a high return on investment, Riley loves to generate you tonnes of new customers, scale your business, and reverse engineer your competitors to win.


Head of New Business

Mark joined Global Pro Designs in April 2015 after spending 2 years as Head of Design at a full service design agency in Isupply Seo. He has vast experience in print and digital design and now drives the creative engine at Global Pro Designs, ensuring we produce exciting, engaging and fantastic looking websites!

As Head of New Business at Global Pro Designs, Mark manages our design team and is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the designs we produce. Mark works closely with the project managers to ensure that every project has strong foundations in a clear creative vision.

Fantastic design really stands the test of time, and we were delighted that in Mark we found someone who shares our design ethos. But good design goes beyond visual design, and Mark is an expert in UX design too.


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